How to Block Someone on Twitter? (In 2021)

Always, we try to keep safe our social media account from unwanted stuff, but there is a group of worst people who always think to creates a problem for us. But thanks to the Twitter developers’ team who provide and blocking and unblocking option in their setting section like other social platforms. So, if someone is misbehaving with your tweet and randomly post spam content on your Twitter handle then you should take action against them and just permanently block them from your account. After that, he cants able to even search your profile on Twitter.

There is also a feature of soft blocking in twitter that means if you change your discussion in feature then you can unblock them whenever you want. So, it doesn’t work as permanent blocking it’s best for removing them from your friend list but still, he is available as your followers. And there is a limitation with blocking, despite you blocked a particular user to see your Twitter activity. But from the different Twitter account, the user is able to see your profile posts. So this is some type of paradox feature for us. Although there is a solution for that you can switch your account to private mode then only your followers can see your tweets. You can delete a Twitter account easily and also remove followers on Twitter.

What happens when we block someone on Twitter?

Blocking someone on Twitter is also automatically apply other restriction as well. Like if you block someone instantly you both are removed from the following list of each other. And many other effects just scroll below.

  1. Until you unlock, you can’t follow each other again.
  2. Even they’re logged in they can’t able to see your Tweets.
  3. The targeted person Tweets also won’t appear on your Timeline.
  4. You both can’t able to send Direct Messages ( DMs ).
  5. He isn’t able to tag your photos and see any information about you on Twitter for the entire life.

How to Block Someone on Twitter?

We want to make our social media account to build a better online relation with friends. So, keep this thing in mind don’t block unnecessarily to someone. Because sometimes people blocked the persons for small issues. Even the guy is not pretending evil things but the user takes strict action against them especially girls which is not a good habit. Unfortunately, there is no other option rather than blocking and unblocking like warn them or report a flag. That’s why people take sudden action and blocked them. So, if someone is poking you or doing a spam activity with your Twitter account then you can kick out them from your account instantly. For that follow the below guide.

  • Log in to your Twitter account from any device, you want.
  • Now start accessing that account that is misbehaving with you and opens up their profile.
  • At the top of the page, you will see a three-dot option just click over it.
  • A small window will open with several options like Share, Mute, Report, or Block.
  • So just click on the “Block @user” option.
  • On the next screen, it will ask you for confirmation so if you’re sure just allow all the permissions.
  • Now user profile shows as a button marked “Blocked.” and he will never disturb you again.

NOTE: If you change your decision in the future and now wanted to unblock them for any good reason. Then you can perform this operation by just visiting their profile then click on a three-dot option and just unblock them.

How to See who blocked Me on Twitter?

First of all, Twitter never sends any notification if someone blocked you. So, if you did some mistake with someone’s account then there is only one way to see you’re blocked or not. For that just visit the user’s Twitter account whom you have a problem, If you’re able to see their profile means the user didn’t block you, and if you can’t able see that means you got a block flag and there is no option to return it back so be careful with everyone and talk gently.

What happens when I mute someone on Twitter?

Muting someone is different from blocking when you mute someone’s it means you removing their tweets from your Twitter timeline without blocking them means you’re still friends and you unmute them after a certain time if you want to see their tweets.

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