How to Make Money on Twitter? (5 Best Ways)

If you are Wondering ways of how to make money on Twitter? Then there are plenty of ideas through which you can easily make money from social media platforms. So, if you’re a business owner, Enterprounour, or a Have marketing company then you must have an account on the Twitter website. It’s the most convenient way to promote your brand or building a business. So, in this article, we discussed, about TOP 5 ways to Make Money on Twitter. If you still don’t have a Twitter account just make it one and follow and follow the advice. You may like to hide likes on Twitter & also see what’s trending on Twitter.

But, from where’s to generate money from Twitter? Making money online is not an easy task, though if give time work hard, and always be consistent then you can make money from any platform. As you know Twitter is a huge platform there are 126 million daily active users who access billions of page views per month. So, where the ratio of audience & publisher is higher that platform is best for money-making because we can easily do marketing and reach out to more people.

How to Make Money Online on Twitter?

For social media marketing campaigns, Twitter is the best source because there are genuine people community who searching for informative posts. It’s not like Facebook anymore. there are several ways by which you can make money without selling your products or services. But before starting just make an attractive Twitter profile for targeting more audiences.

#1. Sponsoring Your Tweets

If you have a solid fan following on your Twitter profile that creates a good amount of engagement on your tweets, so you can make money by just publishing a sponsored tweet. You can see this type of promotion on mostly celebrity’s accounts because they have genuine fans and people follow them & their product as well. So if you’re popular enough to influence people with your product then big brand contacts you directly. Or if you can’t wait I suggest you try the website ( Ex: SponsoredTweets & PaidPerTweet ) which is associated with brands and instantly make your connection with them. The basic criteria for Sponsorship is you must have 60 days old account with 50 followers and 100 tweets at least.

#2. is an advertisement company. For making money with you just need to create a profile on the platform and provide them information about how many followers you have, engagement on your tweets, and your working niche, etc. If you fit on their conditions then they will contact you. is not working on a pay-per-click scenario. But you have to publish a number of scheduled tweets and send them across your Twitter account. And as the traffic comes on your tweet campaign they pay a lump sum amount.

#3. Selling Affiliate Products on Twitter

Another way to making money from Twitter is by monetizing your account by selling affiliate products on it. Basically, affiliate marketing works on commission so when someone buys your product you get some percent of the actual price of the product. So if you have active followers on your Twitter account then you can take benefit of it. By suggesting them good and useful daily use products which selles frequently. For promoting the affiliate products you just need to collaborate with an affiliate network ( For Ex: Amazon Associates, FlexOffers, ShareASale,  ClickBank ) where you can generate an affiliate LINK of the product and promote it on your Twitter profile.

#4. Twittad

Twittad is the first sponsored-tweet network as they claim. Here you can adjust your own CPC means cost-per-click but you have to keep patience for some time when the advertisers accept your bid then the further process starts. So if you selected you just need to provide information about your working niche and engagement on your Twitter handle then they promote an appropriate product with you. If you made up 30$ by promoting their product then you can get paid via Paypal.

#5. Providing your own Twitter-related customer service

If you’re using Twitter for a very long time or know every term of using Twitter and now want to make money through it. Then you can take advantage of your wisdom. There is a lot of audiences who searches about query all the time in the groups or while commenting on someone post. So, you have a good opportunity, by solving their problem you can provide them with a Twitter-related service. Like there is many third part freelancer site where people are looking for a gig which solves their twitter issues. So, by there you also get customers. There are hundreds of ways if you want to start making money from Twitter just put some interest.

At last, You can download Twitter videos from here.

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