How to Remove Followers on Twitter? (Easy Way in 2021)

Twitter is medium to build our community with millions of followers but in certain cases, it’s got too annoying if you have a huge audience fanbase and some random guy frequently commenting spam content on your post so sometimes they use double-meaning words or images to misguide your followers. That’s why it’s necessary to remove that type of pathetic follower from Twitter. Although if you have a big Twitter handle then it’s not possible to block each guy individually and it affects our page quality also because we made an account for social gathering. So, Remove Followers on Twitter is the best alternative choice to avoid this type of problem. How to do that just check out this short article. You may also like to read how to earn money from Twitter.

So, there is two way by which you can remove Twitter followers one is by directly toggle off the following option. And then another one is interesting if you want to remove your particular Twitter follower quickly without blocking or knowing them, then just block their profile from your account, so he/she will successfully be removed from your friend or following list. After that just unblock them instantly, so now they are not on your follower’s list. Plus, also you can see each other’s profiles without facing any guilt.

How to Remove Followers on Twitter Through Desktop & Mobile ( By Blocking )?

No matters if you have private or public Twitter account you can easily remove Followers on Twitter. Just you need the authority of that particular handle and that’s it. And as you remove them from the following list no notification sends by the Twitter team. So, don’t worry about that also. Follow the below procedure and you will quickly remove followers from Twitter.

  • First, make an account login from the Twitter official URL – from any device you want.
  • Now click on your profile image located at the top it will take you into your profile dashboard.
  • Here you can edit your profile and access your followers. So just click on your follower’s link and it will show all your followers plus whom you’re following.
  • Now just click over the profile whom you want to remove from your following list.
  • As their profile page opens just click the three-dot option located just beside the follow button.
  • It will open many options like Report, Block, or Mute just click on the Block @User button.
  • If a screen will prompt just allow all the permission and finally click on the red block button.
  • Now the person is can’t able to see any post or any information related to your Twitter profile.

NOTE: This action will fully block the person’s account from your timeline but if you didn’t want to block them you only need to remove them from your followers. So, there is no such option available but you can do one thing after blocking you can unblock them instantly by going to their profile. After that step, the user is able to see your Twitter account and you also access their account without following each other. So, the Unfollow thing works like that on Twitter.

If you don’t want someone then follow this to block someone on Twitter.

Is it possible to remove followers directly on Twitter?

No there is not any way to directly remove followers from Twitter. There are some third-party tools that people are posting on social sites like Quora and Reddit. But they are not efficient as much and I suggest you don’t use that because at the time integrating their tool with your Twitter account, they ask for your Twitter password which is not necessary. So if you’re Wiseman doesn’t go for that because officially there is no statement from the Twitter team to remove followers. Then why we should try unwanted stuff which is not genuine so better to avoid it.

Alternate option rather than Removing Followers on Twitter

Although if it is not sufficient to remove your followers because he is still able to see your post. So, you can take two actions against them if they are doing misbehaving on your profile, first is you can permanently block them from your account or another one is you can make your account private then only your followers can see your activity. No outsider even access your Twitter profile. Both options work pretty well on the Twitter servers, just apply anyone if you got irritated by this type of problem. You may like to read the process to delete a Twitter account.

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