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When it comes to social media, the one thing which pops up in everyone’s mind is that we use it daily. Whether it’s FB, Twitter, Instagram, these things have a great attachment to us because of the daily updates. Even though everyone’s choice would be different, and we respect that, Twitter seems to be a great platform than others, and you can see lots of videos and photos trending every day. However, save twitter videos on the platform is quite hard because the site is not made so that you will get to save video from Twitter directly. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter Inc, did not think his little invention of tweets will be so popular when the website came to the public. However, now people are using this social media platform to tweet about their opinions, share different opinions, and most importantly, funny memes and videos. However, we have observed that users are still confused about how to save videos from Twitter, and that’s why we decided to help you by bringing the right tool and insights about the same topic. If you stumble on each website over the internet and trying to find out some legit ways to download Twitter videos, then stop right there!. Because in this article, we illuminate the best ways through which anyone can save videos, gifs, images from twitter to their personal computers or even smartphones directly. Save Twitter Videos

How To Save Twitter Videos Online?

Even though many websites can help download videos from Twitter, many users how to use them; such type dilemma happens when you have plenty of options and you cannot use even a single website. So we decided to make this task easier for you by eliminating all the unnecessary things and describing the best ways to easily download video Twitter. These are the legit ways anyone can save Twitter videos; now we know that everyone would be indifferent to conditions and possess different devices. We decided to write the tutorial based on such a situation. So you can use any of these methods to save videos without any hard effort.

Method 1. Saving Twitter Videos Using Computer/PC

One of the most common and the easiest ways is to use your personal computer (Windows, Mac iOS, or other OS) to download Twitter videos quickly, and many people don’t understand this fact. Even though there are many other ways when it comes to saving content from Twitter’s website, with just a few little actions from your side, you can permanently save gifs from Twitter or any other type of documents, so follow the steps mentioned below carefully.
Twitter Video Download
The process will take a few seconds to fetch the information of twitter’s URL, so have a little bit of patience while the system works in the back end. Since thousands of people come on to the website and use Twitter video download tools, sometimes we have to bear with the loading and traffic issues. Still, the downloading tool works quite remarkable, and it will not diminish its quality even for a single quality. The developers behind the Twitter video download tool are working quite hard to maintain the system intact. Millions of people who are using Twitter yet don’t know that they can download videos from the social media platform with this unique yet simple tool. Now in this method, we used the computer, and whether you have a Windows or MacBook PC, this method works best for the type of users.

Method 2. Download Videos from Twitter Using Android

Android users can call themselves lucky because there are many ways through which you guys can save Twitter videos directly to your smartphone. Now, Twitter has grown into one of the largest social media applications on the internet. There are different types of app utilities available for users. One of those applications is a Twitter download video; you can find the one on play store. You need to search for Twitter video downloading applications, and it will present you with the best one at the top. In this post, we are not mentioning any name of the apps, but you can go with any of the trusted parties’ verified applications. Google play store has been a great source for the users in solving any technical issues. When you are in the dilemma of how to download a Twitter gif, you can always use this type of application to save pictures, gif, and other documents. So if you have downloaded an application that works great for saving gifs and videos from Twitter, then what you need to do is use it appropriately. Many people know this, but those who don’t know you can use an app to save Twitter videos can follow the steps mentioned below and download your favourite videos with just the easiest steps.
Twitter Video URL
These are the easiest ways to save Twitter videos, and there is no need to worry about it. However, if you are not feeling comfortable using any other third-party application on an android smartphone, you can also follow the first method. You can open the chrome browser from your smartphone, open the Twitter video downloader and PASTE URL of the Twitter video that you want to download, and save it on the smartphone. Now that method also works, but it’s just that people don’t like to use chrome downloader much often and they prefer dedicated ap. Still twitter downloader tool works great on smartphones also, and developers have also optimized that tool for smartphone users.

Method 3. Downloading Twitter Video Using iPhone

iPhone users usually don’t have to worry about privacy issues because the tech giant company Apple has already made it quite strict for any third-party app to break into their phone. So there is no chance that we would recommend you to use any third-party application. There are some excellent apps for downloading any video from platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. The majority of these applications are paid ones, and we don’t think that this type of service should fall under premium versions. You should always have a better and the best way to save any type of content from Twitter. That’s why in this method, we elaborated how you can use our Twitter video downloader tool, which is free of cost and the best as compared to other spammy websites. In this world full of fake websites, it’s quite hard to trust any third-party tool or even an application. So follow the simple steps mentioned below to save your favourite videos from Twitter and other social media platforms. If the tool is taking a few more times, then try to wait for the same. Because just like you, there are thousands of people who are using the same tool to save their favorite videos from Twitter and other social media platforms. The tool is developed so that you will be able to save videos, pictures, and GIFs of the highest quality. The option of customizing your download is a great way to optimize the video, and you can use it according to your needs.


Some users have quite challenging queries about using Twitter video downloading tools. Since we got daily emails regarding these queries, we decided to bring the most asked questions into this post and share it with other readers.


Any downloading tool works as a mediator; you have to choose the type of video you want to download and PASTE the same URL into the downloading tool. The AI then will search for the video on Twitter, and it will give you a DOWNLOADABLE URL that is working. Select the video quality, and it will start downloading. The downloading process is also quite simple, and since your phone is connected to the phone directly, you can download it easily and quickly.


No, you are not violating any rules here. You are just using a third-party tool to save the video, which is not easily available on the main website. However, it would be unfair to reuse the original content from the video as yours since that would fetch you some legal troubles. However, if you are downloading Twitter videos just for fun, don’t worry about its usability.


It depends upon the type of application you are using; if the app is from Playstore or Appstore and it comes from a verified provider, then you rely upon these applications. However, any unknown applications or online tools that are not secured should not be used without any worry because these websites are not safe. Our tool is relatively safe and we don’t use any type of spying on the users, and you can download videos quite easily.


Just like Twitter videos, you can use this tool to save gifs from Twitter also. You need to click on the GIF and copy the URL, paste it into the tool and download it on your smartphone. Whether you are using an application or browsing from your personal computer, the process is relatively easy and will not take any more time of yours.
So this is how to download a Twitter video in the easiest and the best manner. We all know there are so many websites you see when you search for save twitter videos on google, and sometimes too many options confuse you. But, we decided to focus on making our platform more user-friendly, and that’s why you will not find any issues related to the downloading tool hosted on our website. People have been using Twitter for a long time, and they were trying quite hard to get the best ways to save videos, pictures, gifs from social media platforms. So we decided to make a tool that will work for all types of users. You can download and use the saved file for multiple purposes. The tool is free of cost, and we do not intend to charge any money for the same. It’s beneficial for users, and we are working quite hard to maintain it properly. If you have any issues or problems while using it, you can leave a comment down below; we will be glad to resolve it.