How to Remove Followers on Twitter? (Easy Way in 2021)

Twitter is medium to build our community with millions of followers but in certain cases, it’s got too annoying if you have a huge audience fanbase and some random guy frequently commenting spam content on your post so sometimes they use double-meaning words or images to misguide your followers. That’s why it’s necessary to remove that type of pathetic follower from Twitter. Although if you have a big Twitter handle then it’s not possible to block each guy individually and it affects our page quality also because we made an account for social gathering. So, Remove Followers on Twitter is the best alternative choice to avoid this type of problem. How to do that just check out this short article. You may also like to read how to earn money from Twitter.

So, there is two way by which you can remove Twitter followers one is by directly toggle off the following option. And then another one is interesting if you want to remove your particular Twitter follower quickly without blocking or knowing them, then just block their profile from your account, so he/she will successfully be removed from your friend or following list. After that just unblock them instantly, so now they are not on your follower’s list. Plus, also you can see each other’s profiles without facing any guilt.

How to Remove Followers on Twitter Through Desktop & Mobile ( By Blocking )?

No matters if you have private or public Twitter account you can easily remove Followers on Twitter. Just you need the authority of that particular handle and that’s it. And as you remove them from the following list no notification sends by the Twitter team. So, don’t worry about that also. Follow the below procedure and you will quickly remove followers from Twitter.

  • First, make an account login from the Twitter official URL – from any device you want.
  • Now click on your profile image located at the top it will take you into your profile dashboard.
  • Here you can edit your profile and access your followers. So just click on your follower’s link and it will show all your followers plus whom you’re following.
  • Now just click over the profile whom you want to remove from your following list.
  • As their profile page opens just click the three-dot option located just beside the follow button.
  • It will open many options like Report, Block, or Mute just click on the Block @User button.
  • If a screen will prompt just allow all the permission and finally click on the red block button.
  • Now the person is can’t able to see any post or any information related to your Twitter profile.

NOTE: This action will fully block the person’s account from your timeline but if you didn’t want to block them you only need to remove them from your followers. So, there is no such option available but you can do one thing after blocking you can unblock them instantly by going to their profile. After that step, the user is able to see your Twitter account and you also access their account without following each other. So, the Unfollow thing works like that on Twitter.

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Is it possible to remove followers directly on Twitter?

No there is not any way to directly remove followers from Twitter. There are some third-party tools that people are posting on social sites like Quora and Reddit. But they are not efficient as much and I suggest you don’t use that because at the time integrating their tool with your Twitter account, they ask for your Twitter password which is not necessary. So if you’re Wiseman doesn’t go for that because officially there is no statement from the Twitter team to remove followers. Then why we should try unwanted stuff which is not genuine so better to avoid it.

Alternate option rather than Removing Followers on Twitter

Although if it is not sufficient to remove your followers because he is still able to see your post. So, you can take two actions against them if they are doing misbehaving on your profile, first is you can permanently block them from your account or another one is you can make your account private then only your followers can see your activity. No outsider even access your Twitter profile. Both options work pretty well on the Twitter servers, just apply anyone if you got irritated by this type of problem. You may like to read the process to delete a Twitter account.

How to Delete Your Twitter Account? (Very Easy Way)

Twitter is a source of universal information people got addicted to this platform when they start using it, they feel overwhelmed by its useful features. By your post, you can interact with your followers or you can also follow journalists for breaking news and for Worldwide Updates. Twitter is a neat & clean website where you can’t see fake people like Facebook. That’s why users manage it for professional work. But for any reason, if you want to delete your Twitter account quickly then there is an option for that on Twitter to permanently wipe your data. You may deactivate your account also if you want to get rid of out for some time. See what’s trending on Twitter.

Before deleting your Twitter account, you need to first deactivate it as you proceed twitter will destroy all your data from your account and then start a process of deleting your Twitter account. By chance, if you accidentally or mistakenly deleted your Twitter account then you have one option to recover it under a 30-day deactivation period. If you confirm and finally decided for deleting a Twitter account then just follow the below simple instruction and you will be able to permanently delete your Twitter handle from desktop or mobile as well.

How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently?

Keep this thing in mind before deleting it, once you applied the process it will remove all your data from Twitter. And no one is able to see your profile & post including you. So, if you want to collect any data just take their screenshot as proof. Plus, your Twitter username is no longer available on Twitter after 30 days. And any new members are able to create an account using your User ID. So, let’s. start the deleting steps.

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How to Delete Your Twitter Account Using PC?

  • Step 1: Open up any Browser and start accessing the twitter official website
  • Step 2: Now login through your Twitter ID and Password.
  • Step 3: In the Homepage, Dashboard clicks on the Three dot more option then chooses the Settings and privacy section.
  • Step 4: Under Settings, you will see Your Account Tab click over it.
  • Step 5: Then from the last option click on Deactivate your account.
  • Step 6: For confirmation, it would ask you to enter the password once again please enter and finally click on deactivate button.
  • Step 7: That’s it the deactivation process will be start and your account will never show to anyone’s profile.

How to Delete Your Twitter Account using Mobile (Android or iPhone)?

The majority of the user using Twitter on their mobile device because it is more convenient to access it through the mobile app. So, if you want to delete your Twitter account using a mobile app just follow the below guide.

  • 1st Step: Navigate the Twitter app on mobile and make a login into your Twitter account.
  • 2nd Step: Tap on your profile picture and from the dropdown menu click on Settings and privacy option.
  • 3rd Step: Now choose your account option under your username.
  • 4th Step: And finally click on Deactivate your account option.
  • 5th Step: A window will be prompted asking you to enter the password again for confirming the process.
  • 6th Step: If you’re ensured to delete then enter it and click on deactivate button.

However, deleting an account doesn’t mean your tweet will instantly be removed from the google search engine, it will take some time to remove it slowly. By the way, it will not affect you. If the user comes from google, he will not able to see any of your posts or profile because you already deactivate your account. Here is how to make your Twitter account private?

As I told you if you want to change your decision just apply for reactivating your account in between 30-Days Gap. Although a new user can able to make a new account using your account in this 30-day period, so don’t worry about that.

Is deactivating Twitter the same as deleting?

No deactivating and deleting an account on Twitter are somehow different. For deleting a Twitter account, you have to deactivate it first. And as you apply for deactivation means you want to delete your account and all your data, or tweets will remove instantly from Twitter. Then after 30 days of deactivation, your account will be gone permanently deleted.

How to Change Twitter Username/Handle? (in 2021)

When we created social media accounts we don’t care about our username and social handle. But as soon we gain followers and our account becomes a professional workplace then we think we have to change our username according to our business criteria. Some social websites offer that service like if you want to change your username in your Twitter account then there is an option for that. By following some steps, you can quickly change your username and it will be replaced by your old username and reflect everyone with a new username, as you apply changes. But don’t worry it will not affect your profile name.

Facebook also offers that feature where you can change your username in between a 2–3-month gap. Although, the condition is the new name is relatable to your old username. On the other hand, on Twitter there is no such limitation, if you want to change your username on daily basis then you can go for that. People change their username for two reasons first is to become famous and the other to hide their identity and be anonymous for security reasons. Both have different advantages. If you want to become popular choose the Twitter username which people search about a lot. And if you don’t want to just use a random name that comes to your mind.

How to Change Twitter Username Through Desktop or Mobile?

Changing a Twitter username will take your 1 or 2 minutes and a little bit of knowledge about the Twitter settings. You can also add numbers to your username if you want. So it does not affect the display name and still, people can easily identify you by searching your real name. Username is just used for login purposes and it’s also a unique name that represents your identity. The process of changing a Twitter username is quite easy just follow the step-by-step instruction.

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Changing Twitter username step by step guide?

  • Open up your browser and access the Twitter website from mobile or desktop as you want.
  • Make a login with your Twitter User ID and Password. After that follow the below step according to which device you’re using.
  • For PC: Now from the left pane select the three-dot more option.
  • For Mobile: Click on your Twitter avatar (Top left for mobile)
  • Then click on the Setting and Privacy section.
  • It will take you to the Twitter setting page.
  • Now under the setting page Click on the Your Account tab.
  • It will ask you to enter password Twitter password again to show your account-related confidential information.
  • Here you will see many information like when is your account created, your mobile number, and it’s verified or not.
  • At the top, you can see there is an option of Username just over your mouse and tap on it.
  • It opens in editing mode so just enter your desirable username which never used by anyone.
  • And as you enter an identical username just click on the Save button.
  • That’s it now the new username upgraded in the Twitter server and it will appear to you after refreshing the page.

NOTE: Change a Twitter username is somehow good but not in all conditions like if you have verified a Twitter account then changing a username will lose your verification badge. So, think about it before taking any action.


Changing a Twitter username frequently is gives good or bad effects both like you may lose followers if you change username continuously. So, I suggest you if you really have a need or facing a problem with your old username then it is beneficial to change the username after a certain gap of time. And that’s why Twitter provides this useful feature to their users. So, use it according to your convenience.

Why can’t able to change my Twitter username?

Listen, changing a Twitter username is a very straightforward process as you see above. Anyone can change only the thing is the new name which you’re looking for is keep uniqueness otherwise you can able to change and Twitter shows error like “That username has been taken. Please choose another” So first choose any unique name then proceed for further process.

Another reason is there might be an issue with your Twitter account if you did a spammy activity previously then Twitter totally prohibitive this type of accounts that’s why you have limited access now and can’t able to change the name.

How to Make Twitter Account Private?

Twitter is a very good platform to share our information publicly or privately. Although most people love to share their posts with everyone. But the user who is more conscious about their profile, especially girls so they want to share their confidential data, or private photos, with only the person whom they know personally or to their followers. So there is millions of user in twitter who want this type feature and luckily Twitter is providing this useful feature since a very long time. Also, you can quickly switch between both of them whenever you want. Mostly, public accounts are used for business, celebrities, or marketing purposes where they want to gain more audiences quickly. And the private one is used by individual types of people. Here is to make money from a Twitter account.

Despite this option will down your reach and your tweets will be shown only to your followers. But it makes a good effect if you have a family account, friends’ group, or child page and you want to show your post with relatives or selected friends then this option provides an amazing feature just enable it and it put a limitation so no others outsider can see your post. Even if someone shares your link the person can’t able to access your post without following you.

How to Make Twitter Account Private Through PC or Mobile?

Making your Twitter account private is a very easy process it will take a few seconds only. But first, make sure you’ll clearly understand both the terms of the Twitter Public & Private account. Both have different advantages. It will affect your reach also. So, I suggest you if you have an account that you used for business or marketing purposes like for sharing with more people then this option is not for you. And you’re one who is more conscious about their privacy and share your data only whom you know better than definitely you have to try to twitter private account. So, let’s start our main topic about How to make your Twitter account private. Read this article if you want to delete your Twitter account.

Make your Twitter Account Private by following steps:

  • Open your Twitter account from any device ( Android, iOS, or Windows ) –
  • Now from the left side of the screen, you have to choose the third option which is Notification.
  • Under the notification tab, you have to select the cogwheel icon which is for setting.
  • Just above the notification, there is a Privacy and Safety option is available just click on it.
  • As you click it opens a number of privacy options Like you can also Mute or Block someone’s profile. Direct Messages, Location sharing, and many more features.
  • So, under Your Twitter activity Go for the first option Audience and tagging which is for Managing what information you allow to see to other users.
  • In the Audience and tagging section there is protect your tweet option located, In front of that just click on a small box and it will open a new popup window with two options.
  • So finally click on Protect and click on the Save Changes option to apply changes located at the bottom of the page then enter your password again for the confirmation process.
  • Now you’re all set. As you post any new data it will visible only for your followers now.

Benefits of using Twitter Private Account:

Like before using the Twitter private account anyone can start following you and see your tweets without knowing you because it’s fixed in public mode. But as you change the setting for a private account so now you get a notification whenever someone starts following you. And as an owner, you have the rights, you may accept or decline the following request if you don’t know the person. So, this is one advantage of using a Twitter private account. It kept your profile very neat & clean with known professional friends. Follow this guide to change your Twitter username.

How does Twitter handle private and public accounts?

When you make an account on Twitter by default it sets your account available publicly. So, you have to change it first from the setting if you want to make it for private use. And twitter handles it very easily like it just locked your profile for other people who are not in your following list, so vice versa simply your content is visible only for your followers.

How to Block Someone on Twitter? (In 2021)

Always, we try to keep safe our social media account from unwanted stuff, but there is a group of worst people who always think to creates a problem for us. But thanks to the Twitter developers’ team who provide and blocking and unblocking option in their setting section like other social platforms. So, if someone is misbehaving with your tweet and randomly post spam content on your Twitter handle then you should take action against them and just permanently block them from your account. After that, he cants able to even search your profile on Twitter.

There is also a feature of soft blocking in twitter that means if you change your discussion in feature then you can unblock them whenever you want. So, it doesn’t work as permanent blocking it’s best for removing them from your friend list but still, he is available as your followers. And there is a limitation with blocking, despite you blocked a particular user to see your Twitter activity. But from the different Twitter account, the user is able to see your profile posts. So this is some type of paradox feature for us. Although there is a solution for that you can switch your account to private mode then only your followers can see your tweets. You can delete a Twitter account easily and also remove followers on Twitter.

What happens when we block someone on Twitter?

Blocking someone on Twitter is also automatically apply other restriction as well. Like if you block someone instantly you both are removed from the following list of each other. And many other effects just scroll below.

  1. Until you unlock, you can’t follow each other again.
  2. Even they’re logged in they can’t able to see your Tweets.
  3. The targeted person Tweets also won’t appear on your Timeline.
  4. You both can’t able to send Direct Messages ( DMs ).
  5. He isn’t able to tag your photos and see any information about you on Twitter for the entire life.

How to Block Someone on Twitter?

We want to make our social media account to build a better online relation with friends. So, keep this thing in mind don’t block unnecessarily to someone. Because sometimes people blocked the persons for small issues. Even the guy is not pretending evil things but the user takes strict action against them especially girls which is not a good habit. Unfortunately, there is no other option rather than blocking and unblocking like warn them or report a flag. That’s why people take sudden action and blocked them. So, if someone is poking you or doing a spam activity with your Twitter account then you can kick out them from your account instantly. For that follow the below guide.

  • Log in to your Twitter account from any device, you want.
  • Now start accessing that account that is misbehaving with you and opens up their profile.
  • At the top of the page, you will see a three-dot option just click over it.
  • A small window will open with several options like Share, Mute, Report, or Block.
  • So just click on the “Block @user” option.
  • On the next screen, it will ask you for confirmation so if you’re sure just allow all the permissions.
  • Now user profile shows as a button marked “Blocked.” and he will never disturb you again.

NOTE: If you change your decision in the future and now wanted to unblock them for any good reason. Then you can perform this operation by just visiting their profile then click on a three-dot option and just unblock them.

How to See who blocked Me on Twitter?

First of all, Twitter never sends any notification if someone blocked you. So, if you did some mistake with someone’s account then there is only one way to see you’re blocked or not. For that just visit the user’s Twitter account whom you have a problem, If you’re able to see their profile means the user didn’t block you, and if you can’t able see that means you got a block flag and there is no option to return it back so be careful with everyone and talk gently.

What happens when I mute someone on Twitter?

Muting someone is different from blocking when you mute someone’s it means you removing their tweets from your Twitter timeline without blocking them means you’re still friends and you unmute them after a certain time if you want to see their tweets.