How to Change Twitter Username/Handle? (in 2021)

When we created social media accounts we don’t care about our username and social handle. But as soon we gain followers and our account becomes a professional workplace then we think we have to change our username according to our business criteria. Some social websites offer that service like if you want to change your username in your Twitter account then there is an option for that. By following some steps, you can quickly change your username and it will be replaced by your old username and reflect everyone with a new username, as you apply changes. But don’t worry it will not affect your profile name.

Facebook also offers that feature where you can change your username in between a 2–3-month gap. Although, the condition is the new name is relatable to your old username. On the other hand, on Twitter there is no such limitation, if you want to change your username on daily basis then you can go for that. People change their username for two reasons first is to become famous and the other to hide their identity and be anonymous for security reasons. Both have different advantages. If you want to become popular choose the Twitter username which people search about a lot. And if you don’t want to just use a random name that comes to your mind.

How to Change Twitter Username Through Desktop or Mobile?

Changing a Twitter username will take your 1 or 2 minutes and a little bit of knowledge about the Twitter settings. You can also add numbers to your username if you want. So it does not affect the display name and still, people can easily identify you by searching your real name. Username is just used for login purposes and it’s also a unique name that represents your identity. The process of changing a Twitter username is quite easy just follow the step-by-step instruction.

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Changing Twitter username step by step guide?

  • Open up your browser and access the Twitter website from mobile or desktop as you want.
  • Make a login with your Twitter User ID and Password. After that follow the below step according to which device you’re using.
  • For PC: Now from the left pane select the three-dot more option.
  • For Mobile: Click on your Twitter avatar (Top left for mobile)
  • Then click on the Setting and Privacy section.
  • It will take you to the Twitter setting page.
  • Now under the setting page Click on the Your Account tab.
  • It will ask you to enter password Twitter password again to show your account-related confidential information.
  • Here you will see many information like when is your account created, your mobile number, and it’s verified or not.
  • At the top, you can see there is an option of Username just over your mouse and tap on it.
  • It opens in editing mode so just enter your desirable username which never used by anyone.
  • And as you enter an identical username just click on the Save button.
  • That’s it now the new username upgraded in the Twitter server and it will appear to you after refreshing the page.

NOTE: Change a Twitter username is somehow good but not in all conditions like if you have verified a Twitter account then changing a username will lose your verification badge. So, think about it before taking any action.


Changing a Twitter username frequently is gives good or bad effect both like you may lose followers if you change username continuously. So, I suggest you if you really have a need or facing a problem with your old username then it beneficial to change the username after a certain gap of time. And that’s why Twitter provides this useful feature to their users. So, use it according to your convenience.

Why can’t able to change my Twitter username?

Listen, changing a Twitter username is a very straightforward process as you see above. Anyone can change only the thing is the new name which you’re looking for is keep uniqueness otherwise you can able to change and Twitter shows error like “That username has been taken. Please choose another” So first choose any unique name then proceed for further process.

Another reason is there might be an issue with your Twitter account if you did a spammy activity previously then Twitter totally prohibitive this type of accounts that’s why you have limited access now and can’t able to change the name.

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