How to Hide Likes on Twitter? (Easy Way in 2021)

Twitter is a social media platform that means everything which we are doing is for connecting with social society. And because of its social platform so we can’t restrict some things from the users, at least from our friends or whom we are following. Though hiding our likes from Twitter it’s a difficult task and you can’t restrict it fully. But don’t worry there is always one way, which we research for you. If you are an addictive Twitter user then you’re knowing Twitter offers two types of accounts, one is private and another one is public. From where you can manage your tweets and other activity. And as an admin, you have the right to do changes to show which information do you want about your Twitter profile. Here is how to make money on Twitter 🙂

As users considering online security as their main priority. That’s why this type of issue people are facing more nowadays on every social platform. Like you see on Facebook and Instagram when we liked or comment on someone’s post, so they start showing our name which is not necessary all the time. Even we are not following their page but they show our profile information. There are still some websites that take this problem seriously and now they provide a feature like ” Comment as Anonymous “. Like you have seen on the Quora website they update this feature for a long time. I would say it is a far better option for users who wants to hide their privacy.

How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

As I told you there is no such option which provides a full feature proof setting to hide our likes and comment. But by applying some changes in the Twitter setting manually we can hide our likes and profile information partially. That means if the user tries to find your name in the like section, he is able to find but as he/she clicked on your profile then he cants able see any information regarding your data. And when he didn’t find how he confirms that you’re an actual guy who has liked their tweets because there are hundreds of accounts available with the same name. And as for the alternative option, you can apply these changes, so just follow the instruction.

  • Make a sign in with any devices your Twitter account on the official Twitter web portal –
  • Now from the left pane click on the more option.
  • Here you will see the ” Setting and Privacy “ section just click over it.
  • Now Under the setting page click on the ” Privacy and Safty ” option.
  • So it will show you the ” Audience and tagging ” option just select it.
  • Here you will see the main option which is ” Protect your Tweets ” don’t think just hit on it and allow it by clicking on the Blue color protect button.

Now your Twitter profile is visible only for your follower and if someone finds you from your liked post, he will never access your profile until you disable this option. Read here to block someone on Twitter.

Can people see what I liked on Twitter?

Despite the fact, Twitter provides a more secure feature to their users but unfortunately, the answer is yes people can easily see what you liked on Twitter or even what you comment or share on Twitter. But I explain the method of how you might avoid this issue partially. So just use that and be safe. If you want to see popular things on Twitter then read what’s trending on Twitter.

A positive solution for Hiding your Likes on Twitter:

Sometimes this becomes an annoying issue when we comment on someone’s live sessions our name reflects first and they are telling like ” Jhon is joining our Live broadcast” which is a very disappointing thing if you’re an introverted type of guy or especially for girls. Because we don’t know our father or mother is watching from a different mobile. Then, the situation goes worst sometimes. So, the companies have a concern about this issue and need to provide us more privacy feature.

But you no need to irritate just because Twitter doesn’t provide this feature. There are millions of users who access Twitter each day, you need to be positive if people see your previous like on an awkward post then just leave it, and take care of your future activity. Or as people are got more conscious about their online security may be in the future Twitter update this useful feature on their setting section.

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