How to Make Twitter Account Private?

Twitter is a very good platform to share our information publicly or privately. Although most people love to share their posts with everyone. But the user who is more conscious about their profile, especially girls so they want to share their confidential data, or private photos, with only the person whom they know personally or to their followers. So there is millions of user in twitter who want this type feature and luckily Twitter is providing this useful feature since a very long time. Also, you can quickly switch between both of them whenever you want. Mostly, public accounts are used for business, celebrities, or marketing purposes where they want to gain more audiences quickly. And the private one is used by individual types of people. Here is to make money from a Twitter account.

Despite this option will down your reach and your tweets will be shown only to your followers. But it makes a good effect if you have a family account, friends’ group, or child page and you want to show your post with relatives or selected friends then this option provides an amazing feature just enable it and it put a limitation so no others outsider can see your post. Even if someone shares your link the person can’t able to access your post without following you.

How to Make Twitter Account Private Through PC or Mobile?

Making your Twitter account private is a very easy process it will take a few seconds only. But first, make sure you’ll clearly understand both the terms of the Twitter Public & Private account. Both have different advantages. It will affect your reach also. So, I suggest you if you have an account that you used for business or marketing purposes like for sharing with more people then this option is not for you. And you’re one who is more conscious about their privacy and share your data only whom you know better than definitely you have to try to twitter private account. So, let’s start our main topic about How to make your Twitter account private. Read this article if you want to delete your Twitter account.

Make your Twitter Account Private by following steps:

  • Open your Twitter account from any device ( Android, iOS, or Windows ) –
  • Now from the left side of the screen, you have to choose the third option which is Notification.
  • Under the notification tab, you have to select the cogwheel icon which is for setting.
  • Just above the notification, there is a Privacy and Safety option is available just click on it.
  • As you click it opens a number of privacy options Like you can also Mute or Block someone’s profile. Direct Messages, Location sharing, and many more features.
  • So, under Your Twitter activity Go for the first option Audience and tagging which is for Managing what information you allow to see to other users.
  • In the Audience and tagging section there is protect your tweet option located, In front of that just click on a small box and it will open a new popup window with two options.
  • So finally click on Protect and click on the Save Changes option to apply changes located at the bottom of the page then enter your password again for the confirmation process.
  • Now you’re all set. As you post any new data it will visible only for your followers now.

Benefits of using Twitter Private Account:

Like before using the Twitter private account anyone can start following you and see your tweets without knowing you because it’s fixed in public mode. But as you change the setting for a private account so now you get a notification whenever someone starts following you. And as an owner, you have the rights, you may accept or decline the following request if you don’t know the person. So, this is one advantage of using a Twitter private account. It kept your profile very neat & clean with known professional friends. Follow this guide to change your Twitter username.

How does Twitter handle private and public accounts?

When you make an account on Twitter by default it sets your account available publicly. So, you have to change it first from the setting if you want to make it for private use. And twitter handles it very easily like it just locked your profile for other people who are not in your following list, so vice versa simply your content is visible only for your followers.

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