How to See What’s Trending on Twitter? (Very Userful for Insta Users)

Perhaps there is no other better platform to find trending topics like Twitter because most of the celebs, politicians, intuitive journalists, businessmen, actively connected with Twitter and frequently they post about new topics, and what’s going around the world. So trending topic starts from here. Twitter trends are got viral in the form of hashtags, text, images, or phrases. So, if you’re on Twitter and not using the hashtag feature then you missing a great opportunity to get encountering impressions and engagement.

Hashtags are the basic source to find the trending and relevant topics according to our interests. Trending topics on Twitter means that popular subjects which people are searching for more at the current period. It may be related to real words like in Covid – 19 Pandemic situation user wants to only gather more information about corona to be safe. So trending topic works like that. But the question is how to know which topic is currently trending on Twitter. Don’t worry there is a different section made up by the Twitter team to find out the trending news.

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How to See What’s trending on Twitter?

Twitter is a very reliable source to get trustworthy information. It’s a very simple neat & clean platform with a minimalistic user interface that’s why people prefer to use it for professional work. Trending describes as a hot topic that usually starts from #. Same As YouTube when some videos went viral it features it in trending videos. Twitter also works like that, every day you get new trending topics which retweeted by thousands of people that’s why it’s important to look for and usually, people use this feature to get vital news in one place within a few minutes it saves there time also. So let’s start with how to find What’s Trending on Twitter.

Here is 2 Ways to Find What’s trending on Twitter:

  • So first open up the Twitter website – and make a login with your account.
  • And basically, you can also get the trending topic from the home page of Twitter.
  • First Way: You can see on the right side of the dashboard there is a What’s happening section is available with the search bar.
  • From where you get a number of trending topics and as you click more it takes you into the # Explore Section later we discuss it.
  • Second Way: And if you want to directly go to the trending news page then just click over the # Explore option from the left pane.
  • It will show you trending topics of different categories like News, Sports, Entertainment, and there is For you section as well which shows the tweets about whom you following.
  • So just click on Trending and it will give you the TOP 29 results of a hot topic that is in trend at present.
  • You can also search about any topics or #hashtag which are running now.

NOTE: You can also set up your content preference means which type of content are you looking for. For that go to the setting and then Content Preferences. From here you can adjust your search preference setting. And also you can explore it to find tweets relevant to your location or a specific region.

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So that’s it all about how you can access the What’s Trending on Twitter. Although as Twitter’s new update comes they become a more convenient platform for users or the trending topic section are changed a lot than before and the work in progress Twitter released new update frequently for their mobile users ( Android & iPhone ) which makes more efficient day by day. And the above process works the same as the mobile application also so you don’t need to go anywhere just visit the # Explore section from mobile as well, it will directly take you into the trending topic section.

Why can’t I see what’s trending on Twitter?

Twitter is an online platform that works 24 – Hours so there are no such issues like Twitter is not updating itself. But many users are complaining about they can’t able to see what’s trending on Twitter. And the reason which we observe is the updations or cache memory problem. So first clear your cache & unwanted files from the app setting then if your app is not up to date so next just update it from the play store or apple store then start to try opening Twitter trending topics. It will start to work smoothly.

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